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VCAP5-DCD vBrownBag Pod Casts

Click the series link for each objective to download the vBrownBag episode aligned to the VCAP5-DCD exam blueprint. VCAP5-DCD Series #1 – Overview & Methodology with Alastair Cooke Objective 1.1 – Gather and analyze business requirements Objective 1.2 – Gather and analyze application requirements Objective 1.3 – Determine Risks, Constraints, and Assumptions Objective 2.1 – […]


VCAP5-DCD Study Guide

Since finding our that I passed the VCAP5-DCA I have now begun moving my attention towards the VCAP5-DCD exam. I am looking to take the exam in October or November 2013 which gives me 4-5 months to study for it. Given that I have 3 children, a lovely and understanding wife and a house to […]