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VMware Home Lab Setup

My recent VMware VCAP studying has left me needing a fully functional VMware Home Lab. I first started to go down the route of a physical setup using 2 old HP DL360 G5 and a HP N40L to act as a NAS and has all the equipment in my house but I started to get […]

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Usefull list of VMware VCAP5-DCA Study Resources

During the last few weeks I have begun to study for my VCAP5-DCA which I am currently intending to take in May 2013. The first problem I came across was the lack of official VMware VCAP5-DCA study resources which was unusual for me haven taken many Microsoft and VMware exams in the past and always […]

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What documents are available in the VMware VCAP5-DCA Exam?

During my studies for the VMware VCAP5-DCA Exam I needed to find out what documents were accessible during the exam and couldn’t find the information on Google so I turned to the VMware forums and posted the questions. As always the response was quick and within a few minutes I had my answer thanks to […]

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