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How to add a new VMFS Datastore via PowerCLI

I recently wanted to know how to add a new iSCSI LUN as a new VMFS datastore via the PowerCLI. After some initial research and searching the online PowerCLI help I figured out the steps needed to complete such a task. To add a new LUN as a new VMFS Datastore follow these instructions; Configure […]

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Quick Tip: How to create an RDM mapping file via the CLI

Before we begin Before we can create an RDM mapping file using the CLI we need to locate the following information The VML of the device The file location of the Virtual Machine The tools we will use to find this are An SSH terminal Vmkfstools esxicli Obtain the VML details Do not map the […]

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How to access USB and Other PCI Devices in VMware ESXi5 VMs with VMDirectPath

During the course of my VCAP5-DCA studies I reviewed this article in order to understand and get to grips with VMDirectPath. I found the article really useful but noticed that it was written for ESXi4 and not ESXi5 so i went off and checked a few things to make sure that it is still relevant. […]

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Quick Tip: How to create a VMware ESXi USB Boot device

A few people have been asking how to create an ESXi USB boot device in order to install ESXi via USB instead of DVD. To help them and others I decided to document the approach I have used which has worked for me over the years. To create a USB boot image of the ESXi […]

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