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IOPS Calculator

This article has been replaced. Please use the following link for the up to date article. I recently needed to calculate the theoretically IOPS of a SATA, SAS and SSD RAID array and started to do this by hand as per Duncan Epping posts here on yellow-bricks but the chance for error was high […]

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Unable to connect to host with vSphere Client or vCenter

Symptoms I had an issue today where I could not connect to one of my ESXi hosts via the vSphere Client or vCenter. I also noticed that when I logged on to the console it was very sluggish accessing the configuration menu (This might be a red herring). All my VMs were running and I […]

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vSphere5 ESXTOP Metric Thresholds

I have been looking arround the internet over the last few weeks to find an article that could show me which metrics in ESXTOP I should be monitoring and what the max thresholds per metric should be. I found several articles saying what to monitor but none that would say what thresholds they should not […]

vSphere Data Protection now available for download

Like many VMware techies I have been wanting to try the vSphere Data Protection virtual appliance but up until now we have not been able to download it due to download restrictions. Well good news the folks over at VMware have now made the appliance available for download via their website.  

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Quick Tip: What the difference between the Consumed Host Memory and Active Guest Memory

So what is the difference between “Consumed Host Memory and Active Guest Memory”? A view of a VM Consumed and Active Guest Memory Consumed Host Memory = The amount of physical memory that has been allocated to the virtual machine by you the VM administrator plus the overhead that the ESXi hosts to use in […]

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