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To help others as others have helped me


Please have a look at the below links. I will try and update this section with all the usefull links I have bookmarked or come across in the future. Its also a handy place for me to remember where to go when I need the information again.


If you ever wanted to know the location of all the default log files then checkout the KB article over at the VMware website. Here

VMware View

A complete guide to stripping down Windows 7 for VDI deployements. This usefull link will help you reduce wasted IOPS and memory usage and get the most out of your ESXi host. Here

VMware Posters

A userfull resource to print and with ease have an overview to ESXi, PowerCLI, vCloud Networking and SDK’s. Here

Study Resources

To be updated – Very helpful for those studying for the VCAP5-DCA and VCAP5-DCD.

Site Recovery Manager Video Training –