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High CPU Ready times being reported in vCenter

I had an issue today where the performance counters in vCenter were reporting a high CPU Ready time and the longer stats period the higher the number. In some cases it was reporting 1130ms but I wasn’t having any performance issue. I decided to dive down into ESXTOP and the results were completely different. ESXTOP […]

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VCAP5-DCD vBrownBag Pod Casts

Click the series link for each objective to download the vBrownBag episode aligned to the VCAP5-DCD exam blueprint. VCAP5-DCD Series #1 – Overview & Methodology with Alastair Cooke Objective 1.1 – Gather and analyze business requirements Objective 1.2 – Gather and analyze application requirements Objective 1.3 – Determine Risks, Constraints, and Assumptions Objective 2.1 – […]

, 2013 top VMware blogs

Good news to see that Duncan Epping blog Yellow Bricks was voted number 1 blog on the vsphere-land top VMware blogs. I think there is no surprise as to why Duncans blog is number 1 and i expect that this will continue for many years to come. The man has some amazing content on his […]


How to find out what VAAI supported features your shared storage has in ESXi 5

Recently during the building of my new home lab I have been experimenting with different free storage providers such as FreeNAS, Nexenta, OpenFiler and was pleased to see in the vSphere Client that in some cases it reported that Hardware Acceleration (VAAI) was supported. I performed a few tests to see if it was indeed […]

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How to access USB and Other PCI Devices in VMware ESXi5 VMs with VMDirectPath

During the course of my VCAP5-DCA studies I reviewed this article in order to understand and get to grips with VMDirectPath. I found the article really useful but noticed that it was written for ESXi4 and not ESXi5 so i went off and checked a few things to make sure that it is still relevant. […]

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Unable to connect to host with vSphere Client or vCenter

Symptoms I had an issue today where I could not connect to one of my ESXi hosts via the vSphere Client or vCenter. I also noticed that when I logged on to the console it was very sluggish accessing the configuration menu (This might be a red herring). All my VMs were running and I […]

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