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High CPU Ready times being reported in vCenter

I had an issue today where the performance counters in vCenter were reporting a high CPU Ready time and the longer stats period the higher the number. In some cases it was reporting 1130ms but I wasn’t having any performance issue.

vCenter showing High CPU Ready Time

vCenter showing High CPU Ready Time

I decided to dive down into ESXTOP and the results were completely different. ESXTOP was reporting 0.5 or under for the CPU Ready time (RDY%) which is more than acceptable (VMware recommend anything under 10.0).

ESXTOP showing low CPU Ready Time

ESXTOP showing low CPU Ready Time

After going back and forth between ESXTOP and vCenter and asking some Colleagues I noticed something in the vCenter performance counters under the column “Roll-up” which said “Summation”. This was a bit odd so after some goggling I cam across the VMware KB 2002181 which explains that the information in the vCenter performance counters is different to that in ESXTOP and how you can convert the “Summation” into a “Percentage” figure in order to get a result based on a percentage which is what ESXTOP is showing. The calculation depends on if your looking at the past day, week, month etc so I would recommend reading the article for the full how to.

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