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VCAP5-DCD Study Guide

Since finding our that I passed the VCAP5-DCA I have now begun moving my attention towards the VCAP5-DCD exam. I am looking to take the exam in October or November 2013 which gives me 4-5 months to study for it. Given that I have 3 children, a lovely and understanding wife and a house to run plus don’t forget working it should be just about the right amount of time. If I need to I can also push it back to sometime in December but my goal will be to complete it before Christmas 2013.

As with the VCAP5-DCA the first problem I came across was the lack of official VMware VCAP5-DCD study resources (although a book is due out on the 29 of July) which was unusual for me haven taken many Microsoft and VMware exams in the past and always having a book to read from. As I mentioned before a book planned for release at the end of July 2013 which will be the official VMware VCAP5-DCD resource but until then the resources available are;

I of course started with Google and my searching left me with a variety of Study Guides of which some were complete and others not. They were also a variety of quality and detail which left me going round in circles from one guide to another and has slowed down my study process so I made the decision to specify the material I would primarily use and stick with it. I of course would use other material as and when needed such as a blog which went into detail on a specific subject but I would for all intensive purposes stick with my specified material.

The materials I choose are as follows;

My method for absorbing all the above is as follows

I will split each exam objective down to concentrate on only one exam objective at a time.

  1. I will use the vBrownBags videos to form the base of my learning and during the videos take notes on areas I know I need to improve on
  2. I will then use the Study guide listed above to improve upon what I have learned in the Videos and fill in any gaps. I will also be creating flash cards to cover simply questions such as what is a HA Datastore to what is the command mask a LUN which I will use during my studies


Additional Resources used

Progress Update

04 July 2013 – Studying for the VCAP5-DCD begins


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