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How to access USB and Other PCI Devices in VMware ESXi5 VMs with VMDirectPath

During the course of my VCAP5-DCA studies I reviewed this article in order to understand and get to grips with VMDirectPath.

I found the article really useful but noticed that it was written for ESXi4 and not ESXi5 so i went off and checked a few things to make sure that it is still relevant.

In ESXi 5 the following is still true or has been changed;

  • A reboot of the host is still required to make a PCI device available for pass-through (I would have thought it would be possible remove this requirement but as of yet 5.1 it is not).
  • You can now add up to 4 devices to a VM (see KB 1010789)
  • I could not confirm the memory reservation limit as I was unable to reboot my ESXi 5.1 host. Can someone else confirm?

If there have been any other updates you are aware of please add a comment and I will update.



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