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Quick Tip: How to create a VMware ESXi USB Boot device

A few people have been asking how to create an ESXi USB boot device in order to install ESXi via USB instead of DVD. To help them and others I decided to document the approach I have used which has worked for me over the years.

To create a USB boot image of the ESXi ISO follow these steps

  1. Go to and download the applications for the OS your using (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  2. Launch the application (No need to install on Windows, unsure if this is the same for Mac and Linux)
  3. Select the Diskimage option and locate the ESXi ISO file
  4. Select the appropriate USB drive letter and Click Ok WARNING This process will delete all data on the USB device.
  5. You might be prompted with the following message to which click Yes to All
  6. The process will then being and you will see the following screen
  7. When finished click Exit
  8. You can now use the USB device to boot from and install ESXi.

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