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IOPS Calculator

Over the last few weeks I have needed to calculate the theoretical amount of IOPS a collection of disks can produce a few times and to help myself I created a spreadsheet with all the inputs I would need and this then produced a theoretical calculation of the amount of IOPS the disk collection could produce.

The IOPS calculator takes into account the following when working out the IOPS;

  • Disk Type (SSD, SAS, SATA, 10K, 15k, etc.)
  • RAID Type
  • Read/Write %

It does not take into account the following as these are dependent on your storage system;

  • Block Size
  • Latency
  • Paths
  • Controllers

This calculator is aimed at providing the theoretical amount of IOPS that the physical disks can perform to. Real world testing is needed to ensure that any storage system you purchase is capable of performing to your requirements and this should be discussed with your storage vendor.

To download the IOPS calculator click IOPS Calculator.

The information in thie calculator was obtained from several source of which some of these are

IOPS Per Disk Type

IOPS Formula

RAID Types

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