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High CPU Ready times being reported in vCenter

I had an issue today where the performance counters in vCenter were reporting a high CPU Ready time and the longer stats period the higher the number. In some cases it was reporting 1130ms but I wasn’t having any performance issue. I decided to dive down into ESXTOP and the results were completely different. ESXTOP […]

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VCAP5-DCD vBrownBag Pod Casts

Click the series link for each objective to download the vBrownBag episode aligned to the VCAP5-DCD exam blueprint. VCAP5-DCD Series #1 – Overview & Methodology with Alastair Cooke Objective 1.1 – Gather and analyze business requirements Objective 1.2 – Gather and analyze application requirements Objective 1.3 – Determine Risks, Constraints, and Assumptions Objective 2.1 – […]


VCAP5-DCD Study Guide

Since finding our that I passed the VCAP5-DCA I have now begun moving my attention towards the VCAP5-DCD exam. I am looking to take the exam in October or November 2013 which gives me 4-5 months to study for it. Given that I have 3 children, a lovely and understanding wife and a house to […]


VCAP5-DCA Post Exam Review

If you have been following my other post on VCAP5-DCA study resources you will know that I have been studying for the VCAP5-DCA exam over the last 5-6 months. It’s been time consuming but I have enjoyed the learning curve and it has taught me allot about VMware vSphere that I didn’t know. Even if […]

VMware Home Lab Setup

My recent VMware VCAP studying has left me needing a fully functional VMware Home Lab. I first started to go down the route of a physical setup using 2 old HP DL360 G5 and a HP N40L to act as a NAS and has all the equipment in my house but I started to get […]

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Good news to see that Duncan Epping blog Yellow Bricks was voted number 1 blog on the vsphere-land top VMware blogs. I think there is no surprise as to why Duncans blog is number 1 and i expect that this will continue for many years to come. The man has some amazing content on his […]


How to add a new VMFS Datastore via PowerCLI

I recently wanted to know how to add a new iSCSI LUN as a new VMFS datastore via the PowerCLI. After some initial research and searching the online PowerCLI help I figured out the steps needed to complete such a task. To add a new LUN as a new VMFS Datastore follow these instructions; Configure […]

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Unable to perform unclaim. Error message was : Sysinfo error on operation returned status : Busy. Please see the VMkernel log for detailed error information

During my VACP5-DCA studies I was testing the commands required to mask a LUN from the host when I suddenly stumbled into the following error message. “Unable to perform unclaim. Error message was : Sysinfo error on operation returned status : Busy. Please see the VMkernel log for detailed error information” The command that caused […]

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Usefull list of VMware VCAP5-DCA Study Resources

During the last few weeks I have begun to study for my VCAP5-DCA which I am currently intending to take in May 2013. The first problem I came across was the lack of official VMware VCAP5-DCA study resources which was unusual for me haven taken many Microsoft and VMware exams in the past and always […]

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Quick Tip: How to create an RDM mapping file via the CLI

Before we begin Before we can create an RDM mapping file using the CLI we need to locate the following information The VML of the device The file location of the Virtual Machine The tools we will use to find this are An SSH terminal Vmkfstools esxicli Obtain the VML details Do not map the […]

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